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If Our Website Goes Offline

Just a word of warning may gun sites are going down and domain providers are shutting down websites that sell weapons and ammunition. If our site goes offline this would be the reason. Any orders processed through the website itself are fine as that is run through Ammoready and you will get your order shipped to you. However we may need to switch our domain hosting if and when our website were to go down. Phone and email orders will be the only way to process orders if our site goes down, so mark down our information: 208-819-0391 or 208-819-9496 email: The purge of our rights and our Constitution is coming at a fast pace.  Read More

Order Processing and Shipping

We are once again getting absolutely flooded with orders, we cannot answer the phone due to the high volume of calls coming in (it never stops ringing). We are doing our best to get orders loaded and shipped as fast as we can, some orders may take longer than others but we are trying to not let it get past 2 weeks before shipping your order out. Please be patient with us in these dark times our Nation is facing.  Read More

UPS rate change

UPS has jacked their rates on ammunition shipping. We now have to change and charge according to the new UPS rate hike. We apologize for this inconvenience. We advise in order to save money please order more than just 1 or 2 boxes of ammunition to offset this cost.  Read More

Order Updates

We are currently running about 1 to 1-1/2 weeks lead time on current placed orders. some orders may ship sooner than others. We are still able to aquire most supplies to make most rounds, however a lot of our slug loads such as the AP slug, frag grenade slugs, and the DGS are still not available to us for another month. We will post updates to the status of these slugs and their availability.  Read More