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Recent Website hiccup

We are NOT going out of business! We had a minor hiccup with our DNS web provider, the problem was resolved and fixed and will not be an issue again.  Read More

Free Shipping

On any order over 250.00 use the code FREESHIP at check out to recieve free shipping for a limited time.  Read More

Inflation and other problems

We are sorry but due to the times we have had a rough time getting supplies, especially 10 ga hulls and 12 ga hulls. We are doing what we can to keep things moving. We had to lay off all employees due to inflation and gas prices. There is only 1 person now that is loading, packing, and shipping all orders. And you can thank the potato in office for all this. The supply chain has broken us, we cannot get the things we need in order to keep inventory full as we would like to. So the limited amounts that come out are first come first serve. We are doing our best to stay in business even though the shipping prices are way way higher than normal and that is UPS and due to the fuel prices.  Read More

UPS Shipping rates

Due to high fuel costs, UPS has raised their shipping rates on us. You can thank brandon for that....  Read More