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FSJ Coatings

Due to the popularity of our patent pending FSJ (Full Systhetic Jacket) coating which was designed by our partner at Kootenai Cartridge Works LLC, we now have copycats attempting to use our trademarked term FSJ on their products. Only Warwolf Ordnance produces genuine FSJ coated products, hence why we have a trademark on our FSJ products. Legal action is currently underway against a certain company using our trademark. It never fails to surprise us how people will copy other businesses hard work and effort to offer a lesser quality product to the public. If you see other products claiming to be FSJ coated and it is not a Warwolf branded product, you are simply getting lied to. We spent over 5 years developing and testing our FSJ coating...  Read More

New State Distributors!

We are happy to announce that War Wolf Ordnance products will soon have full distributorships in Michigan, New Mexico, and southern Texas!! Currently our products are availble through our distributors in the following states: Arizona, Missouri, Maine, New York, North Dakota, Washington, Oregon, & Pennsylvania. We are currently in the process of making our ammunition available in Anchorage Alaska by December 2019.  Read More

Heavy Hitter Slugs are BACK!

After a long wait the Heavy Hitter slugs are now back in production and are more accurate than ever! Also in development and coming very soon will be the availibility of the new shorter Heavy Hitter in a mini shell round and a heavier version for 10 gauge!  Read More

New! The Moose Hammer Slug is now available for purchase!!

Our newest custom slug the Moose Hammer is now for sale on the website!  Read More

Warwolf YouTube - Chrono Cam Montage

Curious about our ammo?  Check out this YouTube footage of some of our favorites!   Read More