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Order Update

We are currentely running at around 2 weeks for shipments to go out and some may be longer due to the extreme amount of orders that continue to pour in on a daily basis. We are doing everything we can to keep orders flowing out as they come in. IF any order has an issue we will call or email you about your order.  Read More


Many see a lot of our items as "out of stock". When we do inventory and put items back in stock, they are usually sold out with 24 hours. We are doing our best to limit sales in order to keep up with demand and stop long delays in shipping times. Once we restock our online inventory it may only be available for up to 24 hours before it is bought out. So our advice to our customers is to make sure you check back often! Get your orders in when you can. We are still experiancing about 100 orders or more a day and our shipping times are up to 2 weeks out. Just be patient and keep checking with us.  Read More

Order Status

We are experiancing a very high volume of sales anywhere from 70 to 100 orders coming in per day. We are still trying to ship out within a week. However some supplies are not coming is as fast as we would like and some orders may be affected. Please be patient with us and we will do our best to get your order out as soon as possible. When your order ships you will receive a email with your tracking number. Thank you. WarWolf Team  Read More

New incendiary round development

Some exciting news! We have hired a Chemical Engineer (only the best of the best we could find) to work on our new 12 ga incendiary round! He will be developing our heavy hitter slug into a very powerful incendiary round and also we will offer them as a tracer incendiary as well! It will take our Engineer about 2 to 3 weeks of R&D to get the results we are looking for.  Be sure to check out our YouTube, as the test results will be posted on our channel. He will also be doing some R&D on developing colored Dragon's Breath rounds! If he can make it work, which he says it is totally possible, we will soon be offering various colored versions of our Super Dragon's Breath.  Read More

12 Ga Tracer Production

We are excited to announce that our line of red and green shotugn tracer slugs are in development. We are hoping to have them on the market by the first week of March. *Update (2-25-20) We have our special hydraulic press made, and our custom slug molds done! We are just currentely awaiting our shipments of chemicals to arrive in order to begin product development. After some initial tests we are still hoping to have the product available by Mid-March. *Update (3-12-20) Due to the very high volume of sales we are experiancing our tracer production is now delayed until the end of the month. *UPDATE (3-24-20) We have suspended ALL developments on new products including our tracers due to the extremely high volume of sales at this time o...  Read More