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New Chemical Supplier

We have made arrangements with a new chemical supplier, and because of our new sweet deal with them we can now offer all of our Dragon's Breath products at a way cheaper price than ALL of our competitors can. Our price will remain the cheapest on the market yet offering everyone the highest quality product avaiable as our new suppliers compound is 99.8% pure product that contains 0% magnesium, as magneiusm causes a lot of damage to shotgun bores. So our rounds will have minimal fouling of the bore and can be used in all semi auto shotguns without worry. We will always strive to provide the best of the best to our customers!  Read More

Sales & Shipping

We at War Wolf Ordnance INC. will always ship your order out the same day the order is placed. We have the fastest shipping rapport in the entire ammunition industry! We rarely have back order problems due to lack of components, incompetent employees, or other excuses that most businesses use against you mostly due to their laziness. Our warehouse employees work quickly and efficiently to get your order out as soon as it comes in to our system! We are very proud of our system and the fact that we can ALWAYS be reached via phone or email with a minimum of a few hours for a response if not immediate. Our wholesale dealers across the US have full access for information concerning our products if needed any hour of the day via voice or email...  Read More

New Heavy Hitter Slug

After speaking with Jerry Lindquist this afternoon, we have decided to start working on developing the Heavy Hitter slug for .410 shotguns. This will be a very exciting load to begin production on as you do not see many .410 slug loads available on the market. Since the release of the .410 Shockwave we have had more customers asking for different specialty loads, we aim to fill those needs! We will keep everyone posted on the details as we work on this new project.  Read More

Handgun & Rifle Tracers

We are in the process of purchasing equipment to begin production for hardball tracer round manufacturing in handgun calibers. We will be starting with 9MM and .45 Auto. Our custom die maker will be making more dies for different calibers in handgun and in the future we will be moving up into rifle calibers for tracers and incendiary compounds in both rifle and handgun. With the help of our business partner at Kootenai cartridge works LLC we are excited to announce the furthering of our production line into more exotic handgun and rifle ammunition at a better price than most competitors online. Our rounds will NOT be 5.00 per round but half of that price or less once we begin production. We will keep eveyone posted on our progress!  Read More

Mini Heavy Hitter Slug test results video

The tests on our Mini Heavy Hitter HP slugs is here! Over 267,000 views and counting!  Read More

FSJ Coatings

Due to the popularity of our patent pending FSJ (Full Systhetic Jacket) coating which was designed by our partner at Kootenai Cartridge Works LLC, we now have copycats attempting to use our trademarked term FSJ on their products. Only Warwolf Ordnance produces genuine FSJ coated products, hence why we have a trademark on our FSJ products. Legal action is currently underway against a certain company using our trademark. It never fails to surprise us how people will copy other businesses hard work and effort to offer a lesser quality product to the public. If you see other products claiming to be FSJ coated and it is not a Warwolf branded product, you are simply getting lied to. We spent over 5 years developing and testing our FSJ coating...  Read More

Heavy Hitter Slugs are BACK!

After a long wait the Heavy Hitter slugs are now back in production and are more accurate than ever! Also in development and coming very soon will be the availibility of the new shorter Heavy Hitter in a mini shell round and a heavier version for 10 gauge!  Read More