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Hull Shipment

We have a large hull shipment on the way, so our inventory will be increasing very soon.  Read More


We realize that a lot of our inventory is not available and out of stock. We have done our best to find what is needed to keep up our inventory. Sadly the time has come, that we are unable to procure cetain powers, hulls, and supplies to make our loads. Price increases have occured to a lot of our products due to us having to pay more for gaining what is needed at certain gun shows and other companies that have jacked up their prices.We hate to announce this, but the glory days are over. We will only be providing limited supplies of our inventory based upon what we are able to attain. Some items may not come back in stock for a long time (6 to 10 months, if ever) We are doing the best we can to make ammo for our customers with our limite...  Read More

Inventory Status

We recieved a shipment of 10,000 hulls. Once you recieve an email for a product that is in stock be sure to grab it when you can as inventory is selling out faster than we can put it on the website.  Read More

UPS rate change

UPS has jacked their rates on ammunition shipping. We now have to change and charge according to the new UPS rate hike. We apologize for this inconvenience. We advise in order to save money please order more than just 1 or 2 boxes of ammunition to offset this cost.  Read More