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About War Wolf Ordnance

Our company started manufacturing exotic shotgun ammunition due to all the complaints we have seen over the years of other companies manufacturing and selling junk to the public for a very high price, a price for a product that does not perform.

We at Warwolf Ordnance do extensive field testing of our ammunition before offering it to the public. We load all of our ammunition to strict standards, our ammunition has been tested and filmed by Taofledermaus on Youtube proving the high quality performance of our products. 

Our ammunition is defined by our custom overshot cards that adorn our shells, our patent pending colorful FSJ (Full Synthetic Jacket) coating on our lead buckshot and slugs, and our high quality Tac-Pac packaging. We only use the best and provide the best for our customers throughout the USA.

Warwolf Ordnance is the current leader in 12 gauge technology and development. We also specialize in bringing back hand loaded ammunition that is no longer produced in the US such as our broad 10 gauge line of hunting ammunition and many other hard to find shotgun loads. 

And as we say, if you do not see it in our catalog, simply ask us and we can make it for you!

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